Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Customers Are Looking Online. Can They Find You? Yellow Pages United

When you want to find something on the internet, you Google it or use some other search engine.

To navigate around the web, search engines indisputably represent the most popular first step. For

businesses looking to establish their digital presence, search engine marketing has become an important

step given that 97 percent of users online actively use search engines. After all, when people search for

the product or service you offer, you want your business to be the first name they see when they do

their search.

A lot of factors go into which sites search engines like Google list first. Some features they focus on are:

• Link text or anchor text – in the hyperlink to your site, what is the keyword phrase that appears?

• Link popularity – how many links are pointing to your site?

• Title tag – in the page linking to your site, what is the keyword phrase that appears?

• Link authority – what is the quality of the sites pointing to your site?

How To Ensure Customers Can Find You

There are two types of search listings: paid and organic. With paid listings, you pay the search engine a

certain amount of money to have your site show up in an advertising section of the search results. Only

about a quarter of all page clicks come from these, and a lot of users are actually able to block these

results with ad block apps.

Organic search listings are much more popular. There are a number of ways to improve your ranking

on these searches. By getting your business signed up with business listing sites, such as Yellow Pages 

United, you will assuredly show up high in the rankings. You can also try researching the keywords that

are most popular for your service or product and try to incorporate those into your site.

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