Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Ways to Simplify Social Media Posting

You have a lot going on. It is hard to work social media into your daily routine when your other business needs are vying for your time. And, when you do have time to update your business’s social media, are  you using your time wisely? Are your posts the best quality they could be? Below are five suggestions for
making the most of your social media experience.

• Your social networking posts should have a game plan – For the coming year and months,
you should develop a strategy before you start posting. You can determine what you hope to
accomplish by creating goals and objectives, just like your marketing plan. You can also get on
track with your social posts by doing this.

• Use a multiple posting program – Sites like Yellow Pages United make posting on multiple social
media pages easy. When you get a BizYellow business web page with Yellow Pages United, with
a quick single entry, you can send a tweet and post to Facebook.

• Have a social media posting calendar – Create your social posts in advance like you would for
meetings and appointments. For each month, plan out what you will say. For certain times of
the year, pick out a theme. For example, in February, you may want to focus on Valentine’s Day themes.

• Get input – Look to your friends and coworkers and employees for help. Great social media
ideas can come from anywhere. Tell your friends and employees to send any articles that are
relevant and interesting to you.

• What posts in your industry are popular? – If social network posting does not come naturally to
you, then it can be quite daunting. One way to get a feel for what people want is to look at your
competitors posts. Which ones are getting the most “Likes”? Which ones are really sparking a
conversation? It is likely you will be able to use this knowledge to create engaging posts.

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